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Purchasing an Instrument



Send me an email if you would like to try or commission an instrument.

Because of the intensive hand craftsmanship involved, I only make a few a year. 

It is best if you let me know ahead of time what you are interested in. 

If you don't like the final product, don't buy it.

Simple as that.



A word on Rentals.

Most violin shops, who I have the most respect for,  do rentals. 

I do not.





My sole focus is building the best instruments for musicians. 

 The shops allows a customer to build up equity for an eventual purchase.

This is a good honest service that local shops provide to our community.

             Although these rental instruments are functional, even purchasing an upgraded

model is usually inferior to what I am able to produce. 


The making process is documented, and you receive photographs of YOUR instrument being made in each step.

The time, and personal intimacy with each step produces an instrument that is artistically and tonally unique.

This is why people choose my instruments.

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